About Global Empathy

Global Empathy’s goal and purpose are to use a holistic approach to professional development training to build a more inclusive society. We offer consulting and training that introduces topics designed to help restore wellbeing in a traumatic era of civil unrest, in addition to redefining the landscape of 21st-century leadership. The operational, tactical, and strategic training models include topics of instruction on positive psychology, leadership, empathy, social equity, antiracism, conflict management, and restorative practice.

Our Mission Statement

Global Empathy is a holistic approach to leadership development training and consulting that uses tenets of positive psychology to build a more inclusive society.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where humanity intentionally dismantles
the biases and births an empathetic society of global citizens.

Our Core Values

At Global Empathy, our core values are guided by:

We are committed to move with humility and collaborate with clients to find solutions to existing challenges in organizational culture and causing harm to humanity.


We have a resolute commitment to transform the landscape of leadership and will courageously help organizations with the dirty work of dismantling the oppression that causes harm to humanity.


We view transcendence as a commitment to progressing beyond the ordinary, while also knowing that a greater power guides our work.


We love to give and are devoted to supporting nonprofit organizations that fill the gap of state, local, and government services.