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We Help Historically Underrepresented Individuals Find Paths to Purpose in Life Through College & Career Readiness

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“Mrs. McKenzie, I got into UCLA!!!! Thank you sooo much for all of your help! I’ve also gotten into Cal Poly SLO and Channel Islands…I’m waiting to hear back from Berkeley, Santa Barbara, and Irvine. I’ll keep you posted!”

Monique, B.A., UCLA Alum

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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dr. Linda, for helping my daughter find her voice and achieve her goal of getting into her dream college at NYU! It is clearly because of you believed in her and we truly know that it was all possible because of your dedication." ~Laura A.

Kylia A., NYU Alum

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“Hi Mrs. McKenzie, You helped my brother Adolfa and me through a very stressful time in our academic careers and I cannot thank you enough!”

Orlando A, UCLA Alum

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Our College & Career Support Services Include:

  • Academic, Career & Personal Assessments to analyze SWOT and interests and relate findings to exploring majors
  • Concurrent Enrollment Support
  • Recommendations & resources to help strengthen chances for admission and job opportunities
  • Multiple iterations of personal statements for college applications
  • One-on-one guidance, mentoring, coaching sessions
  • Group immersion workshops to support barriers that like-kind face
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Research Support
  • Full college application review before submission
  • College decision & Fall registration support

Global Empathy offers workshops that introduce an emotional literacy curriculum designed to help discover purpose, the best college choice, the best major, and a suitable career for your dependent child or yourself. Our mission is simple, but our holistic training approach is not. Our program is committed to the individual attention necessary to provide an opportunity to help direct the student toward a purposeful major and career. 

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Underrepresented students

in Ventura County, as in many other regions, face several challenges and barriers when trying to gain admission to four-year colleges or universities. These challenges often stem from socioeconomic disparities, systemic inequalities, and limited access to resources. Some of the greatest challenges and barriers include:

Limited Access to Rigorous Academic Preparation

Underrepresented students may attend schools with fewer resources, including advanced placement (AP) courses, honors programs, and college preparatory classes. Without access to these rigorous academic opportunities, students may struggle to meet the admissions criteria of competitive universities.

Lack of College Counseling and Guidance

Students from underrepresented backgrounds may not receive adequate college counseling and guidance in navigating the complex college application process. Without proper support, students may be unaware of available resources, scholarship opportunities, or how to best showcase their talents and achievements in their applications. FAQ. A mere 34.5% of Ventura County high school graduates from underprivileged backgrounds met the admission criteria for UC/CSU in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Inadequate Preparation for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT can play a significant role in college admissions, yet underrepresented students may face challenges in preparing for and performing well on these exams. Factors such as limited access to test preparation resources, test anxiety, and cultural biases in testing can contribute to lower scores, impacting students' competitiveness for admission.

Language and Cultural Barriers

English language learners and students from non-English-speaking households may face additional hurdles in navigating the college application process, communicating with admissions officers, and understanding academic requirements. Cultural differences in educational expectations and practices can also pose challenges for underrepresented students.

Systemic Inequities in K-12 Education

Underrepresented students are more likely to attend schools with higher teacher turnover rates, lower graduation rates, and fewer advanced coursework offerings. These systemic inequities in K-12 education contribute to disparities in college readiness and academic achievement, further limiting underrepresented students' access to higher education.

Limited Awareness of Options

Many underrepresented students may lack exposure to the variety of colleges and universities available to them, including selective institutions that may offer generous financial aid packages. Without awareness of their options, students may not apply to institutions that align with their academic and personal goals.

2024 College & Career Readiness Workshop

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