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Redemption Program

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where transformation begins, and futures are empowered. Our program serves the diverse population of Ventura County, offering a comprehensive range of workshops and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals facing various challenges. Whether you're a foster youth seeking guidance, an at-risk adult striving for a better future, or an individual navigating the complexities of reintegration post-incarceration, our program is here to support you on your journey to a purposeful life.

At the heart of our program is a commitment to advancing personal growth, resilience, and community empowerment. Through our workshop series, participants can explore a wide array of topics, including career development, emotional well-being, parenting skills, financial literacy, and more. Each workshop is carefully designed to provide practical tools, valuable insights, and transformative experiences that empower individuals to overcome obstacles, unlock their potential, and chart a course toward independence and meaning.

Working with community-based organizations and county support agencies, our program not only benefits individuals on their path to redemption but also contributes to building a stronger, more inclusive community. By investing in the growth and development of our participants, we foster a culture of empathy, support, and collaboration where people can thrive. Together, we are creating a brighter future for Ventura County to vulnerable populations by providing equitable resources to support a more meaningful life.


"Justice, whether, traditional, social, or restorative, should not be opposed to

the virtues of compassion and forgiveness".

Dr. Linda M. McKenzie

Foster Teen

Fostering Hope for Youth in Need: At our Redemption Program, we prioritize serving vulnerable youth populations such as foster and emancipated youth, ages 16-25. For these individuals, the program offers a helping hand, providing essential life skills, emotional support, and college & career coaching that they may have lacked due to their challenging circumstances. Through workshops focused on emotional regulation, life skills development, and college & career readiness, these youth not only gain the tools to navigate difficult challenges but also find a renewed sense of hope and purpose. By investing in their growth and development, we not only empower these youth to break the cycle of adversity but also contribute to building a stronger, more resilient community where every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

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Supporting Reintegration for the Incarcerated: For pre- and post-release incarcerated individuals, the Redemption Program offers a second chance at success and societal reintegration. By providing workshops on topics such as trauma-informed care, legal rights, and transitional housing skills, we help these individuals navigate the complex challenges they face upon reentry into society. Through mentorship, coaching, and peer support programs, we create a supportive community where individuals can heal, learn, and grow. By investing in their rehabilitation and reintegration, we not only reduce recidivism rates but also contribute to building safer and more inclusive communities.



Empowering At-Risk Adults to Thrive: For at-risk adults aged 16-25, our Redemption Program serves as a transmitter of hope, offering a pathway to self-improvement and a brighter future. Many of these individuals may have faced barriers to education, employment, or stable housing due to their circumstances. Through workshops focused on career development, emotional literacy, and group work, we equip them with the tools and confidence needed to resolve challenges and barriers. By investing in their personal and professional growth, we not only empower individuals to realize their full potential but also strengthen the fabric of our community by fostering a more skilled and engaged workforce.



Helping Veterans Navigate from Military to Civilian Life. We proudly extend our support and resources to veterans, recognizing the unique challenges they may face as they transition from military to civilian life. Through tailored workshops and support services, we provide veterans with essential tools and guidance to navigate career and life transitions. By empowering veterans to overcome obstacles, find meaningful career paths through college readiness, and build fulfilling lives, we honor their service and sacrifice while contributing to the strength and resilience of our community. We understand that their journey to independence also strengthens families and communities by promoting economic stability and upward mobility.

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Empowering CalWORKs Recipients to Break the Poverty Cycle: For CalWORKs recipients striving to build a better future for themselves and their families, our Redemption Program offers a path to economic self-sufficiency and stability. Through workshops focused on financial literacy, career development, and parenting skills, we empower these individuals to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their children. By increasing opportunities in their education and skills development, we not only support their journey to independence but also strengthen families and communities by promoting economic stability and upward mobility.