Helping Organizations Demonstrate Leadership With Empathy

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Global Empathy Training Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Global Empathy Training Academy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

At Global Empathy, we use a holistic and strategic approach to approach to consulting, professional development, research, and engagement to build a culture of inclusion and belonging. We envision a world where everyone is given an equitable opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued.

Methodology Approach

Roots of Inequity geta

GETA capabilities can help build a culture of inclusive leaders by addressing the underlying issues that prevent people from thriving at work and in society. Our professional service capabilities are across various sectors, including research. To help improve the performance of your people, teams, and organization GETA is a licensed administrator for Myers-Briggs assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, CPI 260®, Strong Interest Inventory®, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™, and FIRO®, the world’s most trusted personality, communication, career planning and conflict assessments, and tools.  Additionally, GETA is an approved certified sponsor for continuing education courses through the American Psychological Association (APA). APA is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States.  Our continuing education curricula are vetted using their rigorous standards.

During research, we employ a qualitative design, with a phenomenological methodology, in consultation with clients. Qualitative research will gather, analyze, and interpret information from individuals or groups. A phenomenological methodology allows us to gain an understanding and construct the meaning of information. We guide our actions from a constructivist and transformative philosophical worldview. Through constructivism, we seek understanding from multiple participants and look at the complexity of opinions. Through a transformative lens, we decipher information that is intersectional with oppressive policies, and practices, and causing harm to humanity. This approach gives participants a voice, raises consciousness, and/or advances an agenda for leadership development. We interpret the essence of these experiences to gain new knowledge, and findings and offer suggestions to strengthen training modules, policies, and practice.

Our Strengths

Our Core Values

Our core values are guided by being impactful, transcendent, benevolent, and brave. Our firm’s strengths are concentrated on laying a strong foundation to sustain the complexity of uncertainty and constant change.

Strength in Certification

GETA has a solid corporate structure with significant certification backing. Our certifications provide us with access to some of the most influential leaders in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors, offering business development programs, peer review, workshops, seminars, expos, matchmaking, and mentorship. When we face unusual challenges, we have a vast network of support.

Strength in DEI

We conducted a deep dive, including historical background, to examine how diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging intersect with social structures and create injustice throughout society. BJEDI is our contribution to supporting DEI leadership strategy and discovering the foundational cracks in structures that are not safe.

Strength in Empathy

With companies embracing equity, empathy becomes a critical factor in gaining a mutual understanding of one another. Our training teaches the foundations of empathy in leadership and our ABCs and 123s Global Empathy Framework has been accepted for journal publication by the APA.

Strength in Strategy

An intersectional strategy gives more freedom to identify the root causes of problems and find new opportunities to build equitable support. Our BJEDI workbook has team brainstorming exercises designed with an intersectional lens to help you find the best strategies and initiatives for your department.

Strength in Racial Equity

We have experience in strengthening local government working to achieve racial equity and advancing opportunities for all. We work to transform institutions, policies, and culture to be racially just. By providing solutions-oriented spaces for learning and strategic alignment, we provide tools, knowledge, and opportunities for organizations and communities to grow the collective power necessary to counter structural racism and steward transformative solutions for racial justice.

Strength in Research

Our research design is critically intersectional with capabilities to excavate the root causes of problems and find new opportunities to build equitable capacity. Using a qualitative approach gives participants a voice, raises consciousness, finds causal answers, and advances an agenda to assess priorities. We utilize semi-structured interviews, online surveys, a root cause analysis, in-person community-involved listening sessions, and round table discussions as discovery tools, having designed over 100 Likert-scale questions to topics related to BJEDI to assess an understanding of culture and training needs. Our interview techniques are led by the basic ethical principles and guidelines of The Belmont Report that govern protecting human subjects from the invasion of privacy, breaches of confidentiality, anonymity, and unbearable distress caused by topics raised in the interview process or community listening sessions. Our final reports will give rich data to evaluate strategic priorities.

Strength in Community Engagement

We integrate sustainability and citizen engagement throughout a project’s lifecycle and prioritize implementation strategies that benefit the most vulnerable. This is to ensure that the disparities that are relevant to our work are validated by community input. We tied our community engagement framework to the Justice40 Initiative Community Benefits Plan to ensure that disadvantaged communities receive the benefits of federal investments. We can identify and organize community-based organizations or individuals in targeted areas who comprise and/or represent historically underrepresented populations into a stakeholder analysis chart for research participatory purposes.

Strength in Implementation & Evaluation

We collect data from participants at the beginning of the project to extract baseline measures, and at its completion, for evaluation. The results can measure the impact and aid our team in reporting implications and giving recommendations for the next steps.

Strength in Coaching & Training

Our training models are grounded in research and empirically supported to help professionals develop a moderate understanding of BJEDI and how to apply strategy into workstreams. Our sessions are captivating, peer-reviewed, trauma-informed, and tied to adult learning theories.


Continuing Education

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Environmental Leadership Culture Scan


We offer qualitative research, survey design, and explore environmental culture, policies, and practices to assess leadership potential.

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Our Approach to BJEDI:

Belonging, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The research substantiates that organizations with cultural diversity significantly exceed in performance against culturally homogenous groups. More and more organizations realize the mutual benefits of having a BJEDI workforce. It is umbilical to business. 

Our Approach to Training and Learning Development

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Global Empathy Training Academy (GETA) delivers customized training around the most difficult challenges that organizations face in organizational culture. Our main goal is to provide training to strengthen cultural competencies through empathy. We build curricula that draw from a plethora of scholarly research and expert practitioners to address sensitive topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. GETA is approved by American Psychological Association (APA) to provide continuing education for licensed professionals. Global Empathy Training Academy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Our courses are peer-reviewed and vetted through the rigorous standards and criteria of APA.